Helping Faithful Stewards Wisely Win the Unique Challenges of Wealth & Success

Strategic Coaching for Leaders, Families & Teams


  • Are you ready to get on the same page with your spouse, children, family or team?

  • Are you ready to prepare your children, spouse, or family to be wise stewards today, and into the future? 

  • Are you ready to capture the time and focus to live with more satisfaction, energy and joy?

  • Are you ready to expand your charitable impact and pass along your family heritage of generosity?

  • Are you ready to optimize your platform and opportunities for kingdom alignment and impact?

If you said 'YES' to any of the above questions and ready to make progress, you are at the right place.

Hi, I'm John Putnam

I’m your strategic stewardship coach... to support, encourage and strategize with you to capture your most promising opportunities and help resolve challenging tensions so you make progress.

I'm not a financial advisor and I do not sell any insurance, investments, financial planning or estate planning. That means I work seamlessly alongside you and your team with my unique multi-decade set of business, advisory and ministry experience.

Working with me is to gain clarity and perspective on what's most important to you, what's helping you get there, what's getting in your way, then design the journey you want with action steps, and provide you with the private one-on-one coaching you need to help make your wise & faithful stewardship journey a reality.

No selling. No products. Just progress.


Let me help you create clear and compelling progress on your journey.

Every plan is customized to you and your unique circumstances and it starts with a free 30 minute introductory call to understand more.


"The path to my current role as a full time philanthropist would have been quite different without John Putnam. John is unique in his holistic, customized approach to helping people like me. Faith, purpose and wealth are a matter of the heart and mind, and John has the experience and frameworks to be your co-pilot every step of the way." - Jay Faison, Clearpath, Founder, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur
With John's help, we have refined our values and continue to bring our family together through generosity. He has advised us on family philanthropy trends, giving strategies, and opportunities, and coached our staff as we started bringing together other nonprofits and donors in a collaborative effort. He has supported our Foundation throughout the years, but especially around our annual retreat. John’s vision and insight has helped us remain focused on our work and impact now, while also looking forward to the future, and he, his network, and experience have helped us think intentionally about the next generation.” - Bob, Family Foundation Chairman

It's humbling to admit that the leadership of our family office is at the age where we need to consider how best to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders.  With John as our guide, we navigated the waters of our family office and came away with a plan that is specific to us and one that can be implemented at the appropriate time.  John helped us see the things that need to be in place now so that a transition, whether sudden or many years down the road, would go smoothly. - Steve, Family Office Director

Are you ready to focus your faith, plan for purpose & win with wealth?

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