A little about John


  • Grew up on a cattle farm with four older brothers and learned about hard work
  • Married to Anne for 30+ years, three wonderful kids and an awesome son-in law
  • Entrepreneur at heart, business guy, 22 years in financial services, 9 years as non-profit leader
  • Created Your Financial Guy television segments for Time Warner, Change for your Dollar radio segments, professional speaker
  • Published first books, He Spends She Spends and Participant’s Guide, in 2016
  • Enjoys music, movies, sporting clays, great food and the beach

Many people buy into the myth that life would get easier when you accumulated more wealth. In some ways it can, but you also begin to bump head-on into unique opportunities, complexities and challenges.

That myth has been called the Paradox of Prosperity - the more wealth you have, the more opportunities you have, so the more choices you have and life can automatically become more distracted and complicated.

I made an important observation - most families have smart advisors around them - CPAs, attorneys, charitable specialists, investment managers and more. Each of these advisors have their job to do, but none have the job description, or the time required, to design, execute, monitor and coach you around a holistic life model to capture your best opportunities and help fill the gaps and resolve the tensions around your wealth and faith.

I have found that without focus and attention, these tensions and gaps do not improve on their own and life often continues in a state of perpetual planning, wealth distraction and even frustration, that never seems to stop.

So, I launched John Putnam & Company to come alongside you, your family and your team so you can live with more peace and confidence in the life that God made just for you!

To get started working together, click the button below to schedule a call, and I look forward to getting to know you.